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About us

At Hardship & Hope we curate stories about Aotearoa New Zealand’s crisis of inequality, and about inspirational community action to defeat the harms of poverty.


Our child poverty figures are alarming, and the burden falls disproportionately on Māori and Pasifica. Nearly a quarter of Pacific children and over 20% of tamariki Māori and disabled children live in households that can’t afford the basics. Even before the current cost of living crisis, one in six New Zealand kids were going hungry because there wasn’t enough money. The burden of unaffordable housing falls harshly on the lowest-earning families, with
many paying over half their disposable income to keep a roof over their heads. Over 40% of Pasifica and nearly a quarter of Māori children are in over-crowded houses.

These hardships are causing lifelong harm to children, robbing them of the chance to thrive and reach their potential. But communities are fighting back. Up and down the country, communities are mobilising to unlock children and families from poverty. Through skilful
organising and innovation, they are empowering families, building confidence and knocking down barriers to wellbeing. We need to hear these stories of hope as much as we need to hear the hard facts of persistent disadvantage.

We aim to curate excellent journalism and deeply-informed analysis that tells the stories of hardship and the stories of hope. Stories that will build understanding and empathy, and fire a shared determination to build a future in which every child can flourish.

The site launched with an in-depth series of articles by award-winning freelance journalist and author Rebecca Macfie. The series was published in the Listener through the winter of 2023. Rebecca’s journalism was supported by research and travel funding from
philanthropists Scott and Mary Gilmour. has been created and maintained by Rebecca Macfie and Scott Gilmour. 

When we see great journalism and analysis we will link to it here at Hardship & Hope.
Send us your recommendations.

Please share these stories, discuss, and hold to the vision of a society grounded in fairness, equity and humanity.

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